Monday, June 7, 2010

Ozella Oil Watch

I have never blogged before and this is my first. I have been watching the worst disaster in the history of America unfold in my backyard and decided to document the events in a blog. It is after all the biggest fucking disaster to ever hit the Gulf of Mexico. My main concern of course is that this inevitable sea of crap will soon hit the shores of Chassahowitzka, Homosassa, and Ozella Florida. My home and the home of my family.
This disaster is the direct result of the negligence and greed of both BP and our Government. There is no other explanation. How in the fuck are you allowed to drill at 5000 ft, in one of the worlds most delicate ecosystems without a backup plan in case of an emergency? Huh! Can anybody fuckin explain that to me? Either BP lied to the federal government to get the permits to drill or they bought off the Dept. of the Interior. This is no accident, this is a direct result of greed and negligence. And worse its from a fucking foreign corporation. In bed, with our government.

Now yesterday June 6, 2010 the first of the nastiest stuff is finally hitting our state. A virtual Armageddon for the aquatic life and shoreline creatures. This is the first day of the first wave that will continue for God knows how long. It may literally kill the Gulf of Mexico.

Now what are we going to do about this? Are we gonna just sit back and watch the Gulf die? While BP continues to make billions? Hell I just read today that investors are looking at BP stock as a good investment. What the hell are they investing in? The deliberate killing of our waters, of our livlihood? This shit has got to stop and a good start is to boycott "ANYTHING AND EVRYTHING" BP.

If BP's tarballs hit our shores my full intent is to package as many of them and send them back to BP. After all we wouldn't want to hurt their bottom line. The greedy pricks.

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